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About Us

hardys negara

Hardys Hotel Negara is one of the Hotels owned by Hardys Hotel. Hardys Hotel Negara which was founded by Ir. I Gede Agus Hardiawan is the first hotel owned besides POP! Hardys Hotel Singaraja Square and Hardys Rofa Hotel Kuta . This hotel is managed by experienced Hardys Hotel Management, thus adding a plus to this Hotel.

Hardys Hotel Negara is a budget hotel in Kota Negara with a minimalist contemporary design located in the heart of Kota Negara - Bali. This 44-room hotel provides a distinctive feel of Kota Negara which is full of a thick touch of Balinese culture. 

All hotel rooms have been perfectly arranged and are equipped with flat screen TVs. Certain rooms have a seating area to relax after a busy day and each room has a private bathroom. This is to increase the comfort of you and your family with adequate and very comfortable facilities to improve the quality of your overall stay at Hardys Hotel Negara.

Strategically located, Hardys Hotel Negara offers easy access to lively tourist areas in the City of the Country. Budget Hotels in Negara-Bali which are in the center of the city of the country that will make you more comfortable staying in this hotel because it is really close to other supports such as restaurants and malls.